Inspiration: Lauren Hom

A while back, during one of the internet rabbit hole adventures I sometimes find myself on when researching hand lettering inspiration, I ran across Lauren Hom's lettering project Daily Dishonesty. This "just-for-fun" passion project was a daily-ish hand lettering of a "daily dishonesty"–one of those little lies you tell yourself during the day that you know just aren't true. You can even submit your own Daily Dishonesty (I submitted mine and you can see it here!)

I loved Lauren's lettering style and started looking more into her work. I found out that Daily Dishonesty helped launch her career; she got a book deal out of this "just-for-fun" side project! On top of that, it was just one of her passion projects, and she's actually done a lot of these side hustles! She made Wiggy Banks, which are cute hand-lettered jars for what you're *really* saving up for. She also made a shop for her Ex Boyfriend's Tears. My personal favorite was Will Letter for Lunch. Lauren loves lettering and saw a lot of chalkboards at eating establishments she often visited. She wanted to learn more about chalkboard lettering, so as a way to get some experience doing it, she offered to do chalkboards at eateries in her neighborhood for a barter of the food they serve! It was a smart way to build a portfolio, build connections, and get a few free meals out of it.

Overall, It's quite impressive what she's done as such a young designer! She's so resourceful, innovative, and smart. She's also clearly very generous and encouraging of her peers; she offers workshops on lettering and classes to encourage designers to start their own passion projects! Her Daily Dishonesty project is what inspired me to start my daily(ish) lettering project, The Lettered News (you can follow me on Instagram--@theletterednews!). I can't wait to see what she does next! 

Below is a little hand-lettered graphic I made using a tutorial Lauren had posted. I thought it turned out pretty well!