T-Shirt Design

Recently, I submitted a t-shirt design to Cotton Bureau, a really cool t-shirt site that provides artists and designers with a way to get their products out there. The way it works is you submit a t-shirt design, and, if accepted (it's pretty well curated! They say they only accept about 5% of what is submitted.), they put the t-shirt up on the site for sale for 14 days. If after those 14 days you've sold 12 or more shirts, it goes to print! If you sell 25 or more, you make a profit (usually about $5 a shirt, but you have the ability to change it)! I think it's awesome that this company has provided an easy (and FREE!) way for designers get there stuff out there. Cotton Bureau does all the hard stuff: selling, printing, shipping, and customer service.

Below is my first submission.

It got accepted and is live now! Check it out here. I want to throw in a disclaimer: I was surprised this design got picked, and I kind of wish I submitted something else first! I think the design rules and I'm really digging this lettering style of mine, but I realize not everyone wants to walk around with the F-bomb plastered across their chest (tbh, myself included!). I came up with the phrase "Fuck the Muck" out of frustration with our current administration. There's a lot of crap oozing out of the White House these days, and I wanted to make something to vent my frustration but make the message not straight up anti-Trump, because frankly, it's all a mess. But like I said, I totally get not wanting to wear that sentiment on your chest. However, I'm glad I am now familiar with how Cotton Bureau works, and I'm excited to continue to submit designs! They make it a really easy process, and I'll be submitting more designs (perhaps a little more PC) soon!