The New Year!

Whoa, where did 2017 go?! When I went to go take a look at my blog, I knew it had been a while–maybe a couple of months. Then I saw that my last post was from SEPTEMBER. September?! Geez, how this fall and holiday season flew by! I was very busy participating in pop-up holiday shows for my side biz, Black Wood Prints, and didn't realize how all that busy-ness was making time fly!

After all those events, I was ready to relax during the hoidays, and also re-charge for the new year. So 2018, I'm ready! But this year, I am changing up my "resolution game" a bit. I am one of those people that gets really ambitious, makes several really concrete resolutions (eat 8 veggies a day, go the gym 5 times a week for one hour sessions, no more donuts, you get the picture!). I ended up beating myself up when I couldn't keep up with all of them (like, one year I vowed to read one hour a day, go to the gym one hour a day, and cook dinner at home every day. I found myself staying up way later than I usually do just so I could get all my resolutions done! Sorry, self, it ain't happenin'.) So this year, I am going to approach it a little differently and just say: in 2018, I am going to focus on my career. I have my list of concrete goals and tasks, and I plan on working on that list and checking those tasks off, but keeping my resolution overarching and broad feels less daunting and more trackable, and thus achieve-able.

One way I plan on staying sharp and on my game is to tackle a "365 day challenge"! I've seen a lot of these around the web, but my biggest inspiration for it is probably from one of my favorite art people of all time, Lisa Congdon, and her 365 days of hand lettering project from a few years ago. Lisa is so inspiring to me for a number of reasons. One, she is super prolific; the amount of work she has put out into the world is truly a wonder! Second, being an artist was not her first career. She decided to pursue art much later in life than most, and still she has found success at it. It's inspiring to see someone shift gears like that. Last, she is not just a letterer, or just a painter, or just an illustrator, or just a designer. She's an artist who works in a million mediums and creates all sorts of work–books and prints and paintings and products and so on and so forth. For the longest time, I felt like I would have to "give up" one aspect of my creative practice to be successful; either stop making handmade art and commit to a design career full time, or dive headfirst into trying to be an artist. Lisa showed that you don't have to be defined and pigeon-holed into one of these narrow definitions. As a creative person, part of what you do is explore different ways of working. Lisa showed me that you can be successful and true to your creative process at the same time!

Anyways, my 365 day challenge will also focus on hand lettering.

Lately I've been digging taking my hand-lettering into illustrator and coloring it that way, so that is what my daily posts will probably look like for a while, but I am excited to explore different lettering techniques, both digital and analog. Follow along on my Instagram to check out my daily letterings. 

Thanks for reading, and happy new year!