Talking to Myself

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how to bring a little more relatability into the almost daily letterings that I share on social media. Instagram a is such a fast and well, instant way to connect to people, but obviously so much of it can feel impersonal, inauthentic, and just fake. I want to get a little more vulnerable and relatable in my feed, so I’m starting a little series: Talking to Myself.

Talking to Myself is a series of letterings of my inner dialogue; everything from those “OMG am I crazy right now?!” thoughts to realistic (and totally NOT realistic) goal lists, to minor freak outs, to major freak outs, and everything in between. I’m an introvert (I mean like everything else, I think “vertedness” is a spectrum but if I had to say one or the other I would definitely be an introvert) and I’ve heard that makes for a “rich inner life” (ew, “inner.” Gross.). Anyways, I thought if I could get some of those “OMG does everyone feel this way?!” moments out on paper–er, or in my case, on screen, I guess–I could bring a little more connectivity to my feed. 

They’re kind of therapeutic inner spiralings and dialogue, meant to be cathartic and relatable and funny and not serious (but also probably very serious). Thanks for following along! Here goes nothin’. 😘