It's 2019, Baby!

It’s that time again! A new year means it’s once again time for me to renew my commitments to promises long dashed, dust off forgotten projects, and make even more vows (that will probably get abandoned). I am a resolutions girl–I just can’t help it! I love the idea of committing to practices and having goals even though I am not always great at the follow-through. This year I am going to say some of these intentions out loud–er, or at least here on my blog! People say you’re more likely to keep your promises that way. So here goes! 2019, I’m putting these out there!



Last year I set out to do 365 days of lettering. I made it pretty far (210 days!) but then I abandoned the commitment. I don’t really have any real reason for stopping. It was for sure partly out of laziness, but I also lost steam because I didn’t have a great plan to begin with other than to make it the 365 days. My letterings were mostly random thoughts and phrases I had floating around my head. I want to make something with a clearer message that’s cohesive and purposeful. I’ve been taking notes on the tips and tricks of some of my favorite creatives’ ideas about passion projects (Lisa Congdon, Lauren Hom, and Andy Miller, just to name a few!), and I want to use some of what I’ve learned when I launch my next project. Stay tuned! I’m excited.


You can obviously tell by scrolling down that I haven’t exactly been consistent about blogging! But I want to re-commit to posting here regularly. Writing about my work is so helpful; it helps me be more articulate about what I’m making, pinpoint my purpose and drive, and figure out exactly my thoughts and feelings about what I’m doing. I landed on once a week as a good amount–enough to keep me accountable but not too much to be overwhelming. I’ll blog about my current projects and process, but also my inspirations: what I’m currently reading, looking at, listening to, etc. Spoiler alert: I have a fun plan for monthly playlists of my current Spotify mix. Super stoked to share!


I’ve committed to a green resolution for the past few years (I’ve tried going a whole calendar year without buying any new clothes, and last year, I went completely waste-free with my menstrual products!) and I want to continue to do so this year. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely no saint when it comes to these commitments. I cheated on the “no-new-clothes” year and splurged on a couple pieces I just fell in love with. And I still use the occasional tampon or pad when I haven’t had time to sanitize my Diva Cup or clean my Thinx (sorry not sorry for the gross TMI). But these endeavors made me think about my consumption and they definitely helped we change my habits. I never buy “fast fashion” items any more, like when I used to compulsively buy that cute top at Target that I just couldn’t pass up. Instead, I keep an eye out for (somewhat) affordable, sustainable clothing companies (I like this list. My favorite purchases have been from Everlane, Pact Apparel, and Nisolo.) and have also started buying used items from Ebay and Poshmark. As for the menstrual products, I love my menstrual cup, it’s so dope. I’d encourage anyone who’s curious to try it!

Anyways, I decided to commit to using less plastic after watching this video (did you know that up to 50% of what we recycle doesn’t ACTUALLY get recycled? Ugh annoying!) and realizing that even though I recycle, I haven’t done much at all to REDUCE my plastic use. I’m planning on trying stuff like using bar shampoo and conditioner, buying more fresh foods not wrapped or bagged in plastic from farmer’s markets, and actually using all those tote bags I have stored in my pantry (I’m the WORST at remembering to grab them before heading to the store!). I also know that as consumers, becoming aware of how we can lessen our carbon footprints is certainly valuable, but it’s also just one aspect of a giant problem in our country and society. From the small amount of reading I’ve done on the subject, most of the emissions being put out into the environment are coming from a small handful of corporations in just a few industries. The biggest impact we as a society and a country can make on global warming is by passing legislation that holds those companies accountable. So, as I cut plastic use out of my life, I also want to educate myself on the best ways to get politically active around these issues.

So those are my three biggest commitments of the year! I am putting them out there to hold myself accountable. Cheers to 2019! Can’t wait to get started.

Also, apparently I use memes in 2019.

Also, apparently I use memes in 2019.