January 2019 Playlist


Droppin’ my inaugural 2019 playlist! I’ll be sharing a playlist every month with my list of current faves. I have EXCELLENT taste in music, so you’ll always be delighted. ;)

For real though, I love discovering new artists and I’ve had a playlist on Spotify for years of my current mix that I constantly update and edit. Sharing these monthly playlists is just a fun way to challenge myself to keep listening to and discovering new tunes. I’ll make an illustration to go with the playlist each month, too!

This mix is pretty random, as my mix kind of always is. It’s actually a bit of throwback because I chose some artists and songs that were from my “Top 100 of 2018” list. A strong current of power-lady pop and rock throughout, I also have some oldies, some funky new stuff, and indie bands I love. Enjoy!