Lettering Process is Hunky Dory

I wanted to share some of my process for the lettering images that I've been sharing lately on my Instagram feed. I've created this signature thick, cursive style of lettering that I am really digging (obviously. I use it everywhere, even all over my portfolio site!). 

First I lay it out quickly with pencil, then I go back and thicken it out and fill it in with ink (Sharpies 4Ever). After that, I take a quick, clear picture on my iPhone. I don't have a scanner and sometimes I am out and about while working, so the iPhone works perfectly, as long as the photo is lighted well and in focus. See below for the example!

Then I bring it into Photoshop and changes the levels so it is pretty much just black and white. From there, I usually bring it to Illustrator, use the "Expand" option in Image Trace, and it gives me a nice vector version of my hand drawn type. I rearranged the type or cleaned it up a bit and from there, I either bring it back to Photoshop for some shading and coloring, or I color it in Illustrator. Vector illustration is what I am naturally inclined to, but I bring it to Photoshop for the challenge sometimes.

For this one, I left it in Illustrator and colored it there. I like to offset the type a little so it gives it a little more of a handmade, screenprint look. I'm digging the colors and outcome. I plan on practicing more textures and shading in the future, but for now, I'm digging the style!